July 05, 2012

Steps to calibrate Android mobile battery for better performance.

Hi All,
Android is the top OS nowadays for smart mobile phones.But one of its big issue is that it consume lot of battery and so discharge very early.

              Battery Calibration 

If you correctly calibrate your mobile battery then this issue can be solve and you can enjoy better battery performance with your battery.
Here I am posting a post Steps to calibrate Android mobile battery for better performance.


=> First step is to drain battery till it dies completely.
=> Connect the device to the charger and let it charge till it is 100% full.
=> Unplug as soon as the battery indicator on the display shows or beeps when the device battery is fully charged.
=> Switch off the smartphone. Take out the battery and put it back in to start using the device normally.
=> Ideally, the above process needs to be followed for two to three days. After that you need to charge your battery regularly and only when the low battery indicator beeps.

Download Battery calibration application click here.

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