July 03, 2012

LG mobile phone top secret codes

Hi All,
LG mobile a little different from Nokia and Samsung mobile phones.It also having secret codes to test hardware and software of mobile.
Here I am providing you list of LG mobile phone secret codes.
Note:-Some code might be risky it can damage your phone so try it own risk we are not responsible for any kind of damage.

List of secret mobile code for LG.
*#06#                   ->  To display the IMEI Number of the mobile.
2945*#01*#        ->  Secret menu for LG.
2945#*#               ->  Test mode.
637664#*#           ->  Test Menu 8330.
49857465454#    ->  Test Menu 8180 V10a.
492662464663#  ->  Test Menu 8180 V11a.
47328545454#     ->  Test Menu 8130-8138.
277634#*#            ->  Test Menu 8110-8120
*8375#                   ->  OS version (LG B1200)
##2342                   -> Apply to resets the set advanced settings.
##786                      -> Used to reset the mobile memory and life timer.
##889                      -> To Enable the TTY.
* 6861 #                   -> To recount checksum.
*8375#                     -> Use to display the mobile software version.
*#07#                       -> To display the SW and IMEI Number(LG 510)
2945#*70001#       -> Simlock menu (LG 7020, 7010)
2947#*                     -> Simlock menu (LG 500, 600)
2945#*5101#         ->  Simlock menu (LG 510W, 5200)
1945#*5101#          ->  Simlock menu (LG B1200)



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  4. Well ! I would like to add some LG secret codes :

    277634#*# or 47328545454# Must be used without a SIM in the device, will display the phone version.
    277634#*# or 47328545454# Factory reset, once again no SIM card should be inserted. Be careful this will wipe all the data on your phone and cannot be reversed. Use with care.
    2945#*88110# Access the LG unlock menu (SIM Present)

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