April 30, 2012

Download paid android app for free..!!!

Hi All,
Android market has lots of useful application for your android mobile.
But some apps are only trial version and required to full upgrade to full access of that apps.
These upgrade to full version are costly as they are paid on android market.
So here I am Provide you a nice app Applanet which provide download these paid apps for free.

Applanet is a very great app for downloading and installing paid android apps for free. Its similar to the Installation App found on OS Devices.

Click here to download Applanet.

Features for the Applanet App :
1. Get android apps for free: This app will let you download and install android apps for free.
2. Familiar interface: This appstore has the same interface like the android market has so it will be really for you download and install from it.
3. Share your experience: This app also allows you to eave comments about the working of the aps or if they have any problem in the so that other users can see your ratings.

So guys enjoy the full version paid apps for free.

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